What do Britney Spears moms consider the Power of Attorney?

The veil is slowly being lifted Difficult adult guardianship system held up Britney Spears for over 10 years. On June 23, the singer spoke to a judge in Los Angeles: Petition to end the guardianship system. Directed by her father, Jamie Spears. This was the most public and direct criticism of Britney’s authority to date. But because of the focus on Jamie, many wonder where Britney’s mother, Lynn Spears, is on the matter.

After a virtual court hearing, Lin was described by her attorney Gladstone Jones as a “very concerned mother.” As originally reported by We weeklyGladstone also advised Judge Brenda Penny to pay Britney’s attention. Emotional testimony, over 20 minutes. After Britney read the prepared notes, Britney explained that since the proxy was established in 2008, he has been forced to work and take medication. (Britney’s attorney Samuel D. Ingam III was appointed by the court.) “I am embarrassed and depressed about what I went through,” she said.

Jamie responded to Britney’s remarks in a statement shared by attorney Vivian Thoreen. “He is sorry to see his daughter suffer and suffer so,” she said. “Mr. Spears loves your daughter and misses her dearly.”

Britney Spears framing, Revelation documentary Out in February and portrays Jamie as a neighbor. Lynn, who divorced Jamie in 2002, has been actively involved in Britney’s personal and professional life. “Lin supported Britney. I’ve never spoken to her father before, so I’d like to say Rin, ”Kim Caiman, former executive director of Jive Records, said in a documentary. “Jamie just told me, ‘My daughter will be very wealthy, she will buy me a boat.’ That’s all I have to say about Jamie. “

So why was Rin? Not appointed guardian after the collapse of the Britney masses? Unfortunately, that hasn’t been clearly answered yet, but Lynn did in 2019 Entertainment tonightThe following year, Rin was inducted into Britney’s escrow ruling.

Just recently in April, Rin Oppose Jamie’s “totally inflated” legal charge in less than a year has swelled to $ 890,000 We weeklyLynn said Holland & Knight’s legal services were not provided “in good faith” and requested that a large part of Britney’s property be repaid.

Lynn, through her lawyer, described Jamie and Britney’s relationship as “toxic”. “It hurt Lynn’s heart that things had come this far,” Gladstone told the Associated Press after a preliminary trial in November 2020.

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