What does a enterprise lawyer do?

Don’t let thoughts like “This looks easy, I can most likely do it myself” creep in.

If you own a business or plan to start a business, having a business lawyer by your side can be one of your most powerful tools. No matter what type of business you have, what economic turmoil you’re facing, or what stage your business is in, a corporate lawyer can help you through many stages of your business. From day one of your business to the day you decide to sell, go public, or close its doors, here is a quick list of items your business lawyer can help you with.

Start your business

Whether you are planning a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or S Corp, your corporate lawyer can explain the benefits of each type of business and prepare the necessary legal documents accordingly.


If you want to hire employees or deal with suppliers and customers, you will need different contracts and forms for each of them. Your business lawyer will prepare these documents according to the individual requirements of your company.


If a customer fails to pay, a supplier fails to deliver the goods as agreed, or if contracts are breached in any way, your lawyer will negotiate on your behalf and, if necessary, file a lawsuit to protect your rights.

Compliance and risk management

Whether your company is brand new or has a long history, an experienced corporate attorney can advise you on compliance issues and help you develop systems to minimize and monitor risk.

Mergers and acquisitions

You may be considering buying out a competitor, or a larger company has made an offer to buy your business, or you and a competitor are negotiating a merger. In any of these situations, you don’t want to miss any important topic because you had no legal knowledge. Your business lawyer will advise you and guide you through the process.

Other business problems and claims

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No company is immune to employee-related issues such as sick leave, sexual harassment, discrimination, compensation, and workplace safety. Your corporate attorney will help you set procedures and best practices and will represent you if necessary.

Real estate disputes

You may own the property your business is on or you may rent the property. In any case, your business lawyer will help you sell and rent real estate. They will guide you through the maze of complex and confusing tenant and real estate laws.

Your advice with a business lawyer

It is clear the importance of developing a relationship with a business lawyer. As a business owner, you need to understand that even a simple or trivial mistake can cost you a lot of money. Working with a commercial lawyer prevents missteps.

Don’t let thoughts like “This looks easy, I can most likely do it myself” creep in. A safer bet is that you actually don’t know the intricacies of business law and that if you are concerned about the well being and growth of your business, instead of trying to resolve a legal situation yourself, you will be consulting a business lawyer.

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