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What is a power of attorney?

May 20, 2020

Michael Kyprianou attorneys and legal advisors

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There is sometimes a need in our lives to appoint another person or an attorney to act on our behalf in personal, business, or legal matters. Power of attorney is the only way to appoint another person or attorney for this purpose. In order to authorize another person to perform a task or act, the person granting the power of attorney must have the necessary legal capacity, therefore be of legal age, be physically and mentally healthy and fit and in no way incapable of acting. It is highly advisable to seek legal counsel when granting power of attorney. A power of attorney in Cyprus should be signed in the presence of a certification officer. They should be known to the certification officer and provide legal identification so that the identity of the person signing the power of attorney cannot be contested. When you are abroad you can visit the Cypriot embassy or consulate. Alternatively, a power of attorney must be signed and certified in the presence of a notary, which also includes the fact that the power of attorney is apostilled for legal use in Cyprus.

A Cypriot Power of Attorney can be created for a specific purpose according to a person’s needs, or it can be written as a full power of attorney. The specific power of attorney is usually limited to a specific task for a specific purpose and a time limit can be added to accomplish that task. A broad power of attorney can be used to open business or buy real estate in Cyprus. By granting a power of attorney, for example to a lawyer, the power of attorney allows the lawyer to act on your behalf (as a client) and thus helps in the management of your affairs, which saves considerable time in completing such a matter, especially when legal duties You are out of the country.

Power of attorney should be seriously considered, and the person granting the power of attorney must fully trust the person to whom it is granting power. For this reason, it is always best to consult a reputable and reputable law firm.

Originally published May 11, 2020

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