Whether or not property planning or energy of lawyer, the Hayes regulation agency has a webinar for you – Pasadena Weekendr

William Hayes, Esq. Estate planning attorney

The Hayes law firm in South Pasadena is offering two different types of free online webinars, including estate planning training or trustee and power of attorney training, on Saturday, January 16.

Both webinars feature live questions and answers so attendees can ask their specific questions to the experts.

In this special estate planning workshop, Hayes law firm will show you how to protect your family and assets with Living Trusts, Medi-Cal Trusts, and Powers of Attorney so that your loved ones are well protected in due course.

You will learn why internet, do-it-yourself and bargain plans almost always land in court, why it is extremely important that your home is turned into a living trust, why your child’s name can be put on your deeds or financial accounts This leads to foreclosure, bankruptcy, liens, and your family’s inability to properly inherit, how to get long term care and avoid $ 9,337 average monthly expenses, and how to avoid losing your home and other assets due to Medi liens -Cal to lose.

You will also learn how to avoid judicial surveillance of your life in the event of a disability and protect your children’s heritage.

Hayes staff will also show the process of creating a legal plan to protect you, your family and your assets. Develop a plan to deal with unforeseen problems in the event of your disability; Strategies for treating health problems in long-term care; and ways to qualify for Medi-Cal without losing your net worth.

Finally, they will show you how to protect family wealth if a surviving spouse remarries, why most plans are inadequate, what Elder Law is, and why it matters to you.

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