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Yellowstone’s fourth season hits the Paramount Network this summer and many questions have not been answered. John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) was shot dead on the roadside by an anonymous killer, with many pointing fingers at his son Jamie (Wes Bentley). There is an ongoing debate about who will have authority if something should happen to John.

Are Beth and Jamie fighting for power of attorney?

Yellowstone fans were in the arms after the cliffhangers at the end of season three.

The Dutton family was attacked by anonymous assassins, and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) was involved in an explosion.

The only person not injured in an attack was Jamie, who was already isolated from the family.

Many fans believe that Jamie played a role in the attacks as he was in constant disagreement with his father and sister.

There are some viewers who still believe that John may not have survived the filming.

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At the end of season three, Rip Wheeler looked up from the ranch and saw a circle of birds in the sky.

Some fans have suggested that this could mean the death of John Dutton, which is part of a big twist.

If John Dutton dies early or in the middle of the season, the question of power of attorney arises.

At this point, it is unclear whether Beth or her brother Jamie will be in control of her father’s affairs.

The series is based on who will take over the ranch and what will happen to it.

Fans went to Reddit to discuss who will be responsible for John’s affairs if something should happen.

One said, “I think Jamie ultimately wants power. I think Jamie wants to be someone who is respected, and yes, maybe a little bit feared.

“Ultimately, Jamie has spent his entire life earning John’s respect and love. And now that he believes he can’t and never had, he’ll be someone to reckon with.”

Another said, “I think the searching of the papers was part of asking what was wrong with the trust and how he found out that Beth filed a power of attorney in Utah.

“He made it clear that he was traveling for himself, but I don’t think he could try to sell the property to John while John and Rip live. That’s a recipe for getting to the train station quickly, and he knows. “

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There is some confusion about Beth’s involvement as she has a power of attorney in Utah rather than Montana.

She used Schwartz and Meyer attorneys to do the legal work that is based in Salt Lake City.

Fans noted that Beth’s decision to see a Utah-based attorney did not invalidate her papers.

One said, “When he sees the episode where Jaimie is in his office and the assistant brings him some files about the POA.

“He says she must have used Schwartz and Meyer’s attorneys and filed in Utah … she asks if it’s invalid … Jaimie says ‘no’ … it just tarnishes the water … so Beth always can still fight for the ranch. ” [Sic]

Hopefully this means Beth survives the explosion so she can launch a surprise attack on her brother Jamie.

If the duttons refused to sell part of their land to the hedge fund, the state would likely seize the land.

Beth claimed the power of attorney and tried to refuse to sell the land when Jamie suggested the papers were invalid.

He went on to say how the decision fell on him. Some fans believe that creator Taylor Sheridan plans to give Beth a chance to fight.

If she can prove Jamie’s claim to be false, she could still regain control of the ranch.

Yellowstone is broadcast on the Paramount Network.

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