Britney Spears’ father is stepping down, the report stated

According to industry reports, court documents show that Jamie Spears cites a public argument with her daughter as the reason for her resignation.

Britney Spears’ father agreed to step down from the singer’s father’s power of attorney to manage her money and belongings, according to several industry reports.

In response to Britney’s motion to suspend Jamie Spears, the attorney said Jamie resigned over “a public argument with her daughter”. TMZ first reported Later Confirmed by Variety ..

The attorney reportedly said in a court document that it did so even though there was “no real reason to suspend or remove Jamie.”

“Even so, while Spears is a constant target of aggression, he is the best in her public battle with her daughter for continued service as her guardian. I don’t think it will be profitable, ”said Variety, reading the court document. The filing said Jamie would work in court for an “orderly transition to new parents.”

In another statement to Varieté, Britney’s new attorney Mathew Rosengart welcomed the news.

“I am pleased that Mr. Spears and his attorney accepted our release today. That’s evidence of Britney, “he said,” shameful and impeccable “to the singer. I criticize the attack.

What Jamie Spears said a week ago

Jamie Spears said in a court filed last Friday that there was “no reason” to remove him from the guardianship system.

Jamie Spears “has been loyal and loyal as the guardian of his daughter’s property without damaging his files,” said Filing.

Jamie Spears ‘files also show that last month court-appointed Jody Montgomery oversaw and disturbed Britney Spears’ life choices while his father processed her money and daughter. He said he sought his help in the mental health battle. Montgomery and her lawyer replied that they had “misrepresented and manipulated” the call to James Spears to use it for their own benefit.

The submission this Friday was in response to a court document Rosengart filed the previous day, and Rosengart requested an urgent hearing as soon as possible to suspend him as guardian.

Jamie Spears said Rosengart “cannot (and cannot) identify what the wrongdoing is” to encourage such a failure.

Jamie Spears left some of the power of attorney to control her daughter’s life choices in 2019 and was taken over by Montgomery, but her formal status is temporary.

Britney Spears called for Rosengart’s father to be released at hearings in June and July, including “grave allegations of compulsory treatment and treatment, inadequate medical care and personal privacy restrictions.” The allegations that appear to have been spurred are “unconfirmed”. According to Jamie Spears’ filing, this is not Montgomery’s responsibility, but rather the problem that has long been Montgomery’s responsibility.

Jamie Spears said his urgent appeal for removal was “ironic” given the call he received from Montgomery on July 9th.

“MRS. Montgomery sounded very upset and expressed concern about her daughter’s recent behavior and general mental health,” James Spears said in a court filing. As stated in the accompanying personal statement. Montgomery stated that my daughter did not get the drug on time or was taking it properly, not listening to the recommendations of her medical team, and even refusing to meet some of her doctors. Montgomery said she was very concerned about the direction my daughter was going and sought my help directly with these issues to tackle. “

Jamie Spears said he was discussing the possibility of putting Britney Spears in an emergency psychiatric ward.

Montgomery admitted in a statement from attorney Laurian Wright that he was concerned about Britney Spears ‘behavior and mental health, but said Jamie Spears’ resignation would only help.

“Her father, Jamie Spears ‘continued role as her guardian rather than a neutral professional trustee has serious implications for Spears’ mental health,” the statement said. Rice field.

Montgomery never indicated during the phone call that Britney Spears would be eligible for a psychiatric evaluation, the statement said.

Montgomery contacted Jamie Spears because he feared the investigation into the Britney Spears allegations he was looking for could harm her.

“The concern Montgomery raised with Spears over the phone is that forcing Spears to testify or evaluate would move the needle in the wrong direction for her mental health. “The statement said. Called.

Montgomery said of James Spears that the appeal, “pending litigation to eliminate him, gain a tactical advantage” was “currently misrepresented and manipulated” and “sadness.” I did.

Since Spears’ dramatic testimony at the June 23 hearing told the judge, “I just want to get my life back,” the battle between adult guardians has grown even hotter. It’s getting more and more public.

A hearing on Rosengert’s motion to remove James Spears is scheduled for September 29, unless the judge upholds his motion to hold him earlier.

This is a developing story. Check for updates.

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