Jamie Spears has been charged with making an attempt to depart the ability of legal professional by “coercing” him 2 meters from Britney Spears. Leisure information

Britney Spears Legal Department has accused his father, Jamie Spears, of attempting to extort $ 2 million.

A “venomous” hitmaker repeatedly called for her father to step down as guardian of her property and announced a few weeks ago that he would give up his position “when the time comes”. But now her lawyer has asked the court to stop him and remove him as soon as possible.

In a court document filed on Monday (8/30/21), attorney Matthew Rosagart alleged that Jamie had requested payments of $ 2 million. Bribery “.

He writes: “The current situation is no longer acceptable and Britney Spears is not being blackmailed.

“Spears ‘blatant attempts to trade suspensions and layoffs in exchange for about $ 2 million in addition to the millions of dollars Spears and his associates have already received from Spears’ property, I’m no novice.

“After finally admitting that his time as a restorer is about to end, Mr. Spears must resign unconditionally without trying to ask any more of his daughter.”

Lawyers also accused Jamie of trying to “intimidate” the “circus” hit maker and not acting in Britney’s best interests.

He said in a statement: Do not be bullied or blackmailed by her father.

“Besides, Mr. Spears does not have the right to attempt to take his daughter hostage by setting conditions for his release.

“This is not about him, but about the well-being of his daughter, who by law requires him to be removed.

“Aside from legal issues requiring his immediate discharge, if he loves his daughter, Mr Spears should step down today before being stopped. That is right and proper. is.”

When Jamie finally agreed to step down as guardian, his attorney claimed his motion to be dismissed from Britney’s team was “injustice,” but he thought it was best for his daughter. So I decided to leave the court and work on an orderly transition. ..

His lawyer said in a legal document, “Mr. Spears is a constant target of aggression, but I do not believe that fighting publicly with your daughter for continued guardianship is in her best interests.

“Although he must contest this unjustified dismissal motion, Mr. Spears is a new attorney in court and his daughter is preparing an orderly transition to a new guardian. I will cooperate with.

“Regardless of his official title, Mr. Spears is always Mr. Spears’ father. He always loves her unconditionally and always pays attention to her best interests. “

Matthew, who asked the judge on Aug. 5 to expedite Jamie’s discharge ahead of the Sept. 29 hearing, said he would step down as “a new step towards Britney Spears’ great victory and justice.” We welcomed the decision.

Jamie Spears has been accused of attempting to leave the proxy by “forcing” 2 meters from Britney Spears. Entertainment news

Source link Jamie Spears has been accused of attempting to leave the power of attorney by “forcing” him 2 meters from Britney Spears. Entertainment news

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